Adirondack Great Camps For Rent

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Michael R. Franklin 315-876-2262


If you would like your property listed in this venue or would like more information, please contact Michael Franklin at 315-876-2262 or e-mail:


Click here to recieve e-mail notifications of sales and new properties


We provide a free locater service for renters looking to rent unique Adirondack Properties.

We can help in two ways. Both are free:

1) Pocket rental listing:

We have a book of property owners looking to discreatly rent their unique properties. A pocket rental is not posted to the internet in a public way. A presentation can be created that is password protected.

We gather some basic information from proeprty owners regarding details of what they are renting and their price and availability is. We will analyze your needs and compare it to our book of on-line or pocket listings and get back to you if we have a match. If we do have a match, we'll have the property owner get in touch with you directly. You can then make all arrangements with the property owner.


The benefits of this service are:

1) It is free

2) It provides property renters with access to properties that other-wise might not be available.

Why the service works: We specialize in the sale of high end Adirondack Properties. Many of the properties get major national media attention and attract very high end buyers. Many buyers like to rent before they buy to get to know the location and logistics of ownership in the Adirondacks.

We deal with many affluent people who look to rent and buy in this region.

Our purpose in providing this service for free is to interact with potential buyers and sellers of high end unqiue properties in the Adirondacks.


What this service is not: This service is not a replacement for Vacation Rental websites. It is geared only toward the high end and deals with a very small niche of exclusive properties. It is a discrete service designed specifically for Adirondack Great Camps and high end waterfront properties of all kinds in the Adirondack Region.


For more info contact Mike Franklin 315-876-2262

Notice: is not a licensed real estate broker representing Buyer or Sellers nor are they marketing or renting properties as the listing broker. It is a blog and free referal service.